This isn't just asset
management—it's cart
base management with
a higher IQ.

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Garbage cans. Trash totes. Recycling bins. Curbside carts. Whatever you call them, they’re a load to manage – especially when you’re tracking thousands at a time. That’s why there’s CartLogic – to make servicing and maintaining your cart base easy, intuitive, and more intelligent than ever before.

Make your cart base management a whole lot smarter.


From the Curb to the Cloud

How does CartLogic work? Each and every time a delivery, swap, repair, or removal is made, the cart is scanned and information is entered, which syncs with CartLogic’s cloud-based platform. Customer information, service tickets, and service confirmations are securely stored and can be easily accessed.

CartLogic can now go wherever you go with our new mobile app. From a phone, tablet, or computer, on the road or at the office, you can track your cart base operations and access detailed customer information in seconds. Saving you time. Saving you money.

Intelligent and Intuitive

CartLogic works the way you need it to. In a few simple steps – on either the web or mobile app – multiple users can manage day-to-day activities, generate work orders, maintain customer databases, download reports, and more. CartLogic sorts through loads of data so you don’t have to.

A Smart Investment

CartLogic empowers your operation at an affordable price. The time and stress you’ll save makes CartLogic a smart investment from day one. Let CartLogic get to work for you.

Already invested in other hardware solutions? CartLogic integrates easily based on its purpose-driven design.